Breakfast start


Yoghurt with Cloudberries and Qinoa müsli. Finnish sourdough with smoked salmon, cucumber and caviar.

ElmlidBreakfast start


My favorite dish this summer is the same one as it was in 2004, Watermelon and Sheep Cheese! Why? It is simple to make, fresh and creamy. And most important to me; you have to put way more effort into buying the perfect cheese then into making the dish. I like! I just had it but ate it too fast … Read More


Frühstuck ist verdammt wichtig

This one is from yesterday. But it started to rain so we had to carry it back  in the house again.

ElmlidFrühstuck ist verdammt wichtig

This is no time off.

I just woke up. Grab your computer. It is Wood Wood Showroom in Amsterdam. But it still feels like holiday. Enjoy your day. I will.

ElmlidThis is no time off.

water for my flowers

After weeks of temperatures above 30 degrees the rain finally came to Berlin. I stayed in bed for a bit discussing with myself if it was better to stay in bed and enjoy the sound and the breeze or if I should get up and place myself under the street shower. I choose the second option. Now I know how … Read More

Elmlidwater for my flowers

Holiday Modus

Last week my sourdough decided to take a break. Berlin has had over 30 degrees the last week and just like me, the sourdough is getting a bit “schlapp”. After several attempt to get him started I figuered it is better to let him relax 100% instead of putting effort into things I will not be satisfied with. That is … Read More

ElmlidHoliday Modus

one day without Sourdough Bread

The feast of unleavened bread shalt thou keep. 34:18 (fifth book of Moses) The tradtions says that you should stay away from Sourdough bread from tonight. I have heard it has not been proven yet, The fact that Jesus shared not sour bread with his 12 Disciples. They have found tiny bubble in the bread cloth that was used during … Read More

Elmlidone day without Sourdough Bread

Sweetest Welcome

Thank you Nanna, Burkhard, Leo and Sandra for the sweet sweet welcome you left me when I arrived from Copenhagen tonight. And in the name of the Bread exchange! Be my guests, anytime! And whoever made the 2 different pasta sauces in the fridge is a catch!

ElmlidSweetest Welcome