A non-German view on the south

I know “Sound of Music” is played in Austria. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/4143597[/vimeo] But this is still what we had in mind when we packed our outfits and drove down south. Levi’s 505’s from 1967. Vintage Dirndel top from München. Hunting hat from Freiburg. And Happy socks. Gadget shopping. Rothenburg. Every girl needs an edelweisscarf. Levi’s Chinos from 1920. Memmingen. Since the travel … Read More

ElmlidA non-German view on the south

The food

Bergkäs’ salad. Fischbachau. Sauerkraut ist der hammer. Nürnberg. Good Wine. Frankonian Food. I needed an Obstbrandt Snaps after this dinner. Buttenheim. Meat with meat. München. I am a sea kind of girl. I am craving fish by now. Next trip has to be Hamburg. Since I am not much of a sweet girl, I did not try the cakes. But … Read More

ElmlidThe food

Deutscher als Deutschland.

I am a bit ashamed that I have lived in Germany for 11 years and don’t know the country better. So me and my Swedish friend, Anders, made up a plan to give everything we got to get to know it better. Since the country is huge, we decided to concentrate on the southern regions. More precise, our goal was … Read More

ElmlidDeutscher als Deutschland.

Bread Exchange in München

Thank you all for trading with me these 2 weeks. I have already been sharing your jams and mustards with my clients in the Levi’s Vintage showroom. Your trades has been really inspiring and it impresses me how much effort you all put into your home made treats! The trades will through the dark Berlin winter. I will be back … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in München

Another reason to Love München

Anna from Goldberg Studios let me borrow her Hannoveraner in the morning. Now baking at Bar Centrale. Write me a message if you like to trade a Charcoal Sourdough today!

ElmlidAnother reason to Love München

München Trade Today

The prettiest Bread I know is a white sourdough with a sage crust. It is simple. Just what I like. This bread will be ready for you to trade this afternoon. Email malin@elmlid.com and I save one for you. ————————— The picture is from the trade with Nicky from Delicious Days the other day. 2 bloggers taking pictures. Thank you for … Read More

ElmlidMünchen Trade Today


Thank you Stilrad and Andreas for letting me borrow a bike during my stay in München. It is very very useful.


Sourdough Bread for Bavaria

Inspired by the region I decided to bake with beer today. In about 2 hours I have one bread to offer you: Todays Bread Exchange: Beer bread with Apricot. Turned out to be one of my favorite Bread. It is baked with flour from the “Kunstmühle” here in Munich and spiced up with keller beer from St. Georgen Bräu in … Read More

ElmlidSourdough Bread for Bavaria

Die schönste alle Ringe

Today I broke my favorite Ring. It was a gift from my dear friend Gonca from our last visit in München. It was made out of Lava stones and she had brought the ring from Bali. This morning it broke as I was standing on the balcony looking out over the Baverian countryside. The little stones fell down over the … Read More

ElmlidDie schönste alle Ringe