And this, this is Rosario

It is due to him and Manuel am I able to Bake for you München! They are the angels at Bar Centrale in Lederstrasse. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! Rosario makes me the best cappuccino in the mornings. Everyday. And I make them Bread. Everyday. It is an amazing trade. ps. I like your style very much. —————————– Pictrus of … Read More

ElmlidAnd this, this is Rosario

This is Fred.

He is responsible for the amazing labels Nigel Cabourn, Filson and Red Wing throughout the German Speaking world. This is not the reason why we became friends though. It is rather the fact that we share the nerdy dedication for storytelling and high quality products that brought us together. He was the one that connected me with the guys at … Read More

ElmlidThis is Fred.

Bread Exchange in München

The upcoming week I will be working the Oven at Bar Centrale until they burn. Drop me a mail if you feel like trading! There will be Fresh Sourdough almost every day until Wednesday next week. I will use local ingredients like Flour from deer Kunstmühle and herbs from Tegarnsee. If you let me know in advance I will make … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in München

Cortiina Hotel

Sourdough is resting. I am resting. One of the better days in Life with the Sourdough. Cortiina Hotel in München is perfect. Staying for 2 weeks. I have 3 of the nights with a kitchen, I will make as much Sourdough as I can. Soon I will be baking for Bread Exchange at the Bar Centrale across the street. Breakfast … Read More

ElmlidCortiina Hotel

It is not always glamourous to travel with sourdoughs.

Sometimes it grows too fast at the wrong time. Or at the wrong place. Like in my car. And sometimes it explodes. Luckily NOT in my car. Yet. Anders was not used to living so closed to the sourdough. We had to stop from time to time as he felt a bit sick. I sat down and waited for him … Read More

ElmlidIt is not always glamourous to travel with sourdoughs.

Guten Morgen prettiest of Villages

May I borrow one of you ovens? Rothenburg ob deer Tauber does not seem to be a very openminded place. I have no luck today.

ElmlidGuten Morgen prettiest of Villages


When you are on a roadtrip and drive by a “DORF FEST” you should always make a break. That is what we did. I picked up the best grilled Makrele in a very long time. Colmberg is in Franken.


Help Needed – South west Bavaria

Please bring out your best hidden Secrets. I will try them and view them through my soft filter.

ElmlidHelp Needed – South west Bavaria