Breaking Bread in München


The Bread Exchange Book is FINALLY out in German!

Last week we met up at the Goldene Bar in Munich to talk Bread, fermentation processes, and why sourdough bread does not have to be glutenfree to be good for you. We talked about travels, how I selected the different places for my book, that I find the story about the recipe makers with whom I traded the recipies with more interesting than the recipes. We talked about pantone colors and why I have an 8 pages long thank you chapter.

And we talked about how to smuggle a sourdough overseas and how a sourdough is sometimes more demanding than my own baby.

The Goldene Bar is without doubt the most beautiful Bar I ever visited. Build in the 30′s, the walls are all covered in golden maps of the worlds wine regions with the idea that the customers would point to the regions from which the wanted to try the wine. The Bar  luckily survived the heavy bombings in the 2nd world war and today it is run by Leonie and Klaus Rainer.

I ended up there one night in the summer of 2010. I was invited to champagne by the Klaus and in exchange I gave him -guess what- a loaf of my Bread. I could not imagine a better place to release my book at than The Goldene Bar.

Thank Everyone for coming to taste, discuss and meet!

You can buy The Bread Exchange book at your local book/lifestyle store (SUPPORT THEM!!!) or online.

More info on the book by my publisher PRESTEL Here.

A great Thank You to Susanne Schramke (image 1-4) and Susanne Groeger (image 5-11) for capturing this morning!


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Here some images a blog post around the release:






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