I am off to Südtirol for some days of hiking. On monday is my birthday and we wanted to be somewhere remote. There will be roadtripping, picnics and hiking. Sauna and lots of knödel (amazing austrian/südtirol style dumpling).

I will be flying down to Nürnberg (in Bavaria) and then take the car through Austria and the to südtirol .


When the travel booking site KAYAK.se asked me last week to share my best travel tips over instagram I said yes. I booked my flight with them anyways.

What is your best tips for hand luggage? These are mine:

  • Bose headphones (you can also keep them on – without music- and they reduce all the sound from outside.)
  • Your favorite fluid to drink in advance to be prepared. The Air in the airplane drains. I prefer something cold pressed and without fruit.
  • The best travel read. Obviously I bring Smart Travelling :) ( I write for them here..)
  • Aesop Ginger flight remedy. Perfect kick after a long flight.
  • A tester from you favorite brand of moisturizer. If not, my face feels crusty afterwards.
  • My hand luggage suitcase from Alstermo Bruk looks good with everything I wear.






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