#TravelSmart Picnic Gadgets


Spontaneity is great, but for road trips ,or hiking, I love to top up with the right gadgets for an unexpected picnic opportunity.

My Picnic packing:

  • Crystal classes
  • wine / water /tea
  • Dried sausage (I bring landjäger. Sour Polish Pickles is a good alternative)
  • Forks
  • Favorite Blanket
  • Sharp knife
  • Wine opener
  • Linen napkins
  • Salt

Any add ons? What am I missing?






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Elmlid#TravelSmart Picnic Gadgets

2 Comments on “#TravelSmart Picnic Gadgets”

  1. Federica

    I would leave behind the sausage (which looks a bit gross, if you ask me) and take some olives in olive oil, some Parmigiano Reggiano (soft version, not for grating), or some Pecorino, or both, and if you can find it, some mortadella, which I would cut in cubes. And then of course my favorite grissini or crackers (in absence of bread).

  2. Elmlid

    Hi Federica,
    I love to bring parmesan on picnics too. If I just go on an over-the-day picnic from Berlin my picknick basket is looking very different. But this post was about how to pack your suitcase with tools for picnics when flying somewhere.

    When I pack my picknick before I fly somewhere I mainly pack tools, and not the actual food. And then I try to find locally produced cheeses and veggies when I arrive. Olive oil, is often in my suitcase too.

    Wine and meat, however, is not always available in the quality you want it. Especially dried sausages which I absolutely want to have organic. The ones on the pictures are a German specialty called “Landjäger” and they have the advantage that they do not need to be stored cold so they are fine for a a hiking holiday. The 2 kinds I brought are organic and made from Lamb and Beef. My absolute favorites.

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