Happy Nowroz!


Today is the New Year (1393 by the way). Make sure to spend this day as you like you life to be. Because the rest of this year will be a reflection of today.

Today, one year ago I went to Kabul to learn to bake Afghan Bread. It was the first day of  the Persian New Year. And it was the first day of the spring. It had been raining the night before and the ground was wet and the usually so dirty air was fresh. Despite the wet ground the Afghan families go out for picknicks. Spend the day with the one you love and care for, they said.

The image above is of Ashak, traditionally eaten at Nowroz. Sooo good! I was lucky and got Massuma to share the recipe with me in my book. I know you will like them. This was my first meal last year.


Dirty shoes and muddy streets.

A welcome  to Kabul life.


At the street in the old town which has been renovated, partly by Turquoise mountain. Here is my story about them, and their local support.



A bakery and children in the outskirts of Kabul


Sugar cane juice


Here I had just arrived in Kabul. I guess you can tell I was a bit nervous.

(until here I had prepared the post yesterday)

This morning I read that there has been an attack on the Serena Hotel in Kabul (where I stayed exactly one year ago). 12 people reported dead. This is the hotel where even my bread knife was confiscated at the entrance. This time they were able to get through all the different gates, metal detectors, and Iron doors. The security for this Hotels is super hard.

Seems like someone did not really respect the Nowroz traditions. Is this how you want the next year to be?



the three images of me is made by Matthias Gebauer

More info on the attack here

ElmlidHappy Nowroz!

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  1. nicole

    Hi Malin,
    we met @ R.S.V.P. the other day. – again.
    If you have bread fror trade, I´d be happy to do so.
    Nice to meet you again!

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