Mainheim – A beautiful work space


Working hard on the Swedish translation here in Nürnberg. Fleissig.

It is good to get out of the city from time to time. I spend a lot of time in Nürnberg, where my BF is working. Found a beautiful cafe around the corner of the new Apartment, Cafe Mainheim. I think I will spend a lot of time here.

Soon we have our new kitchen set up. The baking stone has arrived already. I am nervous about the oven. It is always tricky. Imagine that it is not getting hot enough? Even though we spend most of the time in Berlin, I still want to be able to bake here. If I had the budget I would have invested in one of these amazing gadgets–> Backdorf.  Anyone who owns one and can tell me if they are good? I would love to have one in Berlin.

Around easter I can trade with you down here in Bavaria. Write to me and we can arrange something!





Thanks to Susanna Wellenberg who shared the tip about Backdorf!

ElmlidMainheim – A beautiful work space

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  1. Fed

    Neat. Nuernberg is where I spent my very first long stay (1 month) in Germany. I was 17. One time I took a night train to Berlin and then spent the whole day (with 3 friends) seeing Berlin. This was the summer after the wall had been torn down, so I took a piece of wall (God only knows where that has ended up). Good times.

  2. Elmlid

    Nice Fed. What did you do there?
    It is also way nicer to be in the south an receive the Spring a bit earlier!

  3. fed

    I stayed with a family, in a small town near Nurnberg. It was well connected to Nuernberg by train. I was going to German language school every day and then spending some time with them. But I visited quite a few places in Bayern during that study/vacation trip: Rotheborg, Wuerzbug, Ausburg, etc. I like Bavaria. Then as a university student I spent 10 months in Muenich…living in Olympiazentrum. Haha. I would SO hate living in those boxes of apartments these days. (have you seen them? Those buildings were built for the 1972 Olympics!)

  4. Tina

    Malin! I have been following your blog and baking journey for quite a while and am exited so read that you have connections to Nbg! I hope to get to trade with you here some day soon ;) keep baking! cheers, tina

  5. Elmlid

    Hi Tina, Of course! Lets trade when I am in Nürnberg. We are still building the kitchen in our apartment but as soon as there is an oven I’d be able to bake for you.
    All the best,

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