Berlin these days is what you in German language would call Arschkallt.

Shit cold.

I am so called lucky to sit with a sharp deadline to turn in the Layout of my book. I get to stay inside.

To bake bread in the winter has the great advantage that my apartment practically always feels a bit tropical. Right now the oven is on the highest possible temperature, and has been on since a couple of hours. As I bake with steam (well I throw in a cup of water into my gas oven for every bread I make)  to give the bread a nice crust, my apartment also gets a bit humid. They say it should be healthy.

On a hot summer day in the city this is terrible. But on a day like today it is amazing.

Today there will be a  interview about THE BREAD EXCHANGE in the German weekly paper ZEIT. I have not seen it yet, but I received an image of it. You will find the whole interview online here!

I have no bread left to trade with you today, they are already gone. But I will bake in the upcoming week. Sign up on my facebook page to see when a bread is ready. And sign up for my newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of this page) to get an update on events, travels and my book!

Until then, have a great day!





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