Where I hide away


In the latest issue of the German Harper’s Bazaar they asked me for my favorite hide away. I answered Metohi Kindelis on Crete. Since the article is not really an article, rather a note, and on top of that it is in German, the upcoming days I thought I give you some pictures from this just stunning place.

The House has a large wood fired oven. Not only perfect for bread baking, but also for Pizza nights!

Really guys, this is an amazing place.


Baking pic by Matthias Gebauer

ElmlidWhere I hide away

2 Comments on “Where I hide away”

  1. Alex

    Hey Malin, just a note to say I was happy to see you will feature in our upcoming seasonal campaign, reading a little about your journey I felt very inspired!

    Congrats’ on your success to date & all the best!

    Alex Cara
    Vice President – Head of LAM & CEMA Regions

  2. The Bread Exchange

    Thanks so much for your message Alex. The Bread Exchange has taken me on an incredible journey, with greatly enriching experiences and opportunities – including the opportunity to be involved with the new Esprit campaign! And now, The Bread Exchange book launch season has begun!

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