Harper’s Bazaar September Issue

You know how it is easy to feel a bit torn when someone asks you to share your ABSOLUTE favorite hide away. You know that it might be over with the privacy. You always make sure to share it with the right people. The ones you would not mind meeting on your own journey, and the ones that really are able to appreciate it.

Still, when Harpers Bazaar asked me for my best tip, I had a hard time to say no. Especially since it is the first issue of the German edition. And I am happy to see it on the market!

It is not much info in there so I will give you more details and pictures soon so you know what I am talking about. But I promise you, you would love it.


Harpers Bazaar2

Thank You Peter Augustin from LA for the bread picture! Harpers Bazaar

ElmlidHarper’s Bazaar September Issue

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