The man with the best mulberries

On the street outside the old town in Kabul, this man were selling his mulberries.

I feel like I slowly get a hook on what good mulberries are, and this man offered some of the best ones I ever tried.

I was introduced to mulberries about 1 years ago, when I traded Afghan mulberries for the first time. Since then no mulberry have tasted as good as the ones from Afghanistan. I did not even find the really good ones in Istanbul! They all had a light dusty undertone.

But not this mans mulberries. They had a darker color than these ones I got delivered with the German foreign minister’s airplane last April. The mulberry can show up in colors like red, white or black.

I bought 2 kg with me home (taking up about 1/5th of my suitcase).


ElmlidThe man with the best mulberries

2 Comments on “The man with the best mulberries”

  1. Wiebke

    Thank you so much, Malin, for the beautiful & delicious loaf sitting in my kitchen, the smell of the bread fresh out of & baking in the oven in your kitchen this morning, our conversation, and this post with the gorgeous pictures. Keep in touch!

  2. Elmlid

    Thank You for writing me Wiebke. Your kimchi was amazing. I had it with scrambled eggs for lunch! Love the way you cut the cabbage!

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