Berlin Bread Exchange this Friday

On friday morning I will have Bread to trade in Berlin. It is baked with a blend of flour from Canada and Saxony, salt from the Sardinian coast, and Mulberries from Afghanistan. Stories from 3 continents in one loaf.

I have guest from NYC coming over and would love to trade anything that I can offer them with bread. But, as always, no restrictions, if you have a better idea of what to trade with me, just do it.

Just comment here on the blog if would like to trade with me on friday morning in Prenzlauer Berg so I know how many breads to make. I could also bake on thursday.


picture by Matthias Gebauer. I love the colors.


I almost forgot to mention the greatest bag of all – the Major bag from HOPE. I did not notice it during the whole trip. And that is a good bag.

ElmlidBerlin Bread Exchange this Friday

14 Comments on “Berlin Bread Exchange this Friday”

  1. Ivana

    This bread is a must! 3 stories in one loaf? Yes, please! I would like to have one piece. Homemade jam and walnuts from our garden in Slovakia on their way to Malin :-)

  2. Jannina

    hi malin,
    i already heard a lot about how delicious your bread is – that´s why i would love to get the chance to finally try it myself. in exchange for the bread i have some spices from india for you.

    i´m looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Jannina

    hi malin,

    i would love to trade some bread with you because i already heard and read so much about it and how delicious it is. in exchange for the bread i have some spices from india and the seychelles for you.

    hope to meet you on friday, have a great evening!

  4. Ivana

    This bread is a must! 3 countries in 1 loaf? Yes, please :-) Some arden homemade pate and walnuts from our garden in Slovakia are on their way to Malin :-)

    See you on Friday!

  5. Elmlid

    Look forward to baking for you!

    @ Ivana, please bring me a picture from your Garden in Slovakia too so I can post it here on the blog when I bake/trade roasted walnut bread out of your garden goodies!
    @ Jannina, I am curious about the spices!

    See you friday,

  6. Wiebke

    Hi Malin,

    Thanks so much for your reply, and sure, here’s my post.

    Tomorrow, Thursday, around 11am would be wonderful. I have homemade sauerkraut & possibly a little extra treat to trade. :)

    Will you email the address? So looking forward to finally tasting the bread I’ve read so much about. Thanks! Wiebke

  7. Tessa

    Hi Malin,
    here a short post that I would love to trade some of your bread :)
    Tomorrow at 12 sounds perfect. Like Wiebke it would be lovely if you could send me your address via email. Looking forward to meeting you and trying your bread. Vi ses imorgon, Tessa

  8. Susanne

    Hej Malin,

    I am replying to your facebook message. Hope this does not get too confusing. 12 o’clock would be great, but is it on thursday or friday? Friday would be better, if possible. And the adress of course :)
    Looking forward to my first exchange bread!

  9. Shirin

    Hi Malin,

    I’d love to trade on Friday if there’s still some bread available! Let me know :)


  10. Elmlid

    Hi Sherin and Marta, I do not think I can manage any more bread on friday. I could bake for you on sunday or monday? Good?

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