The search for the perfect baking shovel-part 1

I had brought my German Baking shovel to Kabul. You know the kind of wooden spade that you use when you push the bread into the oven. I have a super trashy cheap kind that I bought on ebay once. It is not even out of proper wood, it is made out of that kind of layered wood that I right now can not come up with the name on. It has travelled with me for about 5 years so I would still say it served its purpose well. However, it is now really singing on its last refrain and I want to buy a new one.

This time it should be a work of art. So I brought the old shovel to Kabul, hoping to find a wood carver who could make me a beautiful shovel.

First Me, Shoib, Basher and Matthias jus drove around looking for a carpenter. It was clear to me that the first guys I met would not be the right guys for my mission.


We continued to Nomad, an great carpet store with hidden treasures of Antiques and handcrafts. If someone would know where a good carpenter lives, then the owner Mujeeb. I explained what I wanted and he offered to look into the matter.

I keep you posted.


ElmlidThe search for the perfect baking shovel-part 1

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