Last chance for Bread in LA

I will be making 4 loaves today. There will be a charcoal Bread and a pink bread colored like the LA sky in the sunset. I will baking in Hollywood, in case it helps your planning.

Let me know if you want me to bake for you.


These are my all time favorite LVC jeans. A 505 from 1967. And, also worth to mention, the sweater from HOPE Sthlm. Loved their fall collection!

ps. Since I might turn off the roaming, the safest way is to  text me on (347)  605 1866.

ElmlidLast chance for Bread in LA

2 Comments on “Last chance for Bread in LA”

  1. Klaus

    Hi Malin,

    I am a long-time bread affiniado living in Tokyo. We almost have no proper bread here in Japan. Could you send us some?


  2. Maren Crabtree

    Hi Malin,

    When will you be back in LA? I am in San Pedro, and there are a few of us here that would like to trade for some bread. Will you be back before the end of the year?

    -Maren Crabtree

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