Belgium, here we come!

It is about time. I have not been to Belgium since November and I feel that it is itching a bit. I just need to go.

Inspiration and mussels in Antwerp. And early morning Fleemarkets and vintage shopping in Brussels. Maybe a short sprawl in the park of the African Museum? Two days is all I need. And I can not wait.

Of course I will bring some fresh baked bread with me as well as a sourdough to bake. So if you happen to be in Antwerp this weekend, feel free to send me a mail and I will be happy to trade with you!

AND, I will be needing an oven… Does anyone have an idea?


ElmlidBelgium, here we come!

4 Comments on “Belgium, here we come!”

  1. Julia

    Viel Spaß in Antwerpen. Sehr schön da. Habe auch erst neue Tipps gesammelt.

  2. Elmlid

    Thank you!

    And Mieke, Funny enough I was meeting Hadas from Otark for a coffee to talk about Bread and Breakfast. It might be that I will come to Antwerp to make a little a pop up Bakery in the Fall.
    I love her cooking and it would be an honor to take part in her Breakfast club.
    Can’t wait!

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