Last Bread Exchange in München this year

This tuesday I can offer:

  1. Beer Bread baked with Weltenburger Klosters Barock Dunkel beer and dried apricots. The apricots I got in Zürich at Schwarzenbach’s delicacy store. They had 6 different kinds of Apricots to choose from to I am pretty sure I am using the ones I liked the most. The flour is this time from Au in south Bavaria.
  2. Black Sourdough with Japanese Charcoal spiced up with an old Gruyere that I got in the mountains last week. It looks a bit “Gewöhnungsbedurftig”. But tastes amazing.
  3. White Sourdough with Elderberry compote from Fischbachau. I made this bread yesterday, as well as the Elderberry/Cinnamon/Cloves compote. I really loved it. This bread, and the black sourdough is baked with canadian flour.

It is pressdays for Made and Crafted so you can easy meet me  for a Bread trade at Goldberg Studios in Glockenbachviertel. I will be able to trade with you from around 13.00.

So, please email to make sure that I have a bread for you.


ps. I do not trade any more offers on beer at Oktoberfest. Mein Mass ist voll oder wie es heist.


ElmlidLast Bread Exchange in München this year

5 Comments on “Last Bread Exchange in München this year”

  1. Chrischa

    I can absolutely recommend the Elderberry-Bread!!! Tasted great. I had it with a bit of salted butter so the slightly sweet/fruity taste could mix with the salty one…I felt like the “as-a-child”-version on the “Heidi-Photo”, Malin…and you were so nice, too. Happy moment.

  2. Elmlid

    Dear Chrischa, I am happy you liked the bread and I wish I could post your heidi photo here on the blog. I am not exaggerating when I say I never saw such a lively chidden capture.
    And it was indeed really nice to meet you in München. I am looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

  3. Alex @probefahrer

    you mean last bread exchange in munich this year?

    or the last bread exchange in total this year? I just stumbled over your bread-exchange via and it was the final piece of a puzzle for a project I was solving myself.

    so thanks in advance for something I can’t tell you anything about right now :) But you will hear from me when we start the project.

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