Bread Exchange for Bavaria today

Since Zürich got too Grey I decided to go a day earlier to München. Therefore I can offer you Bread already this afternoon. Please let me know if you like to trade with me!

I have 2 different breads to offer you:

1) Black Sourdough with Japanese Charcoal spiced up with an old Gruyere that I got in the mountains last week.

2) White Sourdough with Elderberry compote from Fischbachau. I have not tried this yet but I imagine it to taste amazing with a light fresh goat cheese.

Both bread are made with Canadian Flour grinded in München, French Seasalt and Zürich water.

Since I will be in München during the day an email request to would be the most efficient. I can meet up in the city center/glockenbachviertel between 4pm-6pm.


pictures are from Gruyere last week. Citycenter and the view from my little hotel chamber.


ElmlidBread Exchange for Bavaria today

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