an unexpected Bread Exchange.

About a month ago I was invited to a dinner on 17/9 in Switzerland. As a Bread Exchange. But the invite didn’t arrive until the day of the event. I did not know the dinner was a charity event with 400 Swiss art collectors (+ the fruit flies) at the Foundation Beyeler in Basel.

I love dinner events. But, To be honest, my main concern right now is that I simply do not know what to wear tonight. This situation does not happen very often. I think I have a wardrobe big enough for any occasion.

Where are my Cocktail dresses when I need you the most? In Berlin of course. If it would not have been for the Swiss Franc I would have been on the best Shopping tour today. But it is not the right time to invest here.


I did some shopping though… Not really Charity dinner appropriate but very very useful. Finally I found my hiking boots. I should have known that VMC is the place to look. There are not many places around the world with the taste, knowledge and selection. Thank you Simona, Freddy and Roger!

If you look really hard at the picture below you can find the shoes in the lower left corner.



Elmlidan unexpected Bread Exchange.

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