We went to Maison Blunt

How do you find the best of the best when you travel?

Sometimes you are lucky meet people that simply understands it all. The kind of person that you could express your wish to and they would know exactly what you are talking about AND also be able to tell you where to find it.

In july this year I bumped into such a person. He happened to live in Zürich and today we had breakfast together.

Where do we go I asked? Where do I find the best breakfast in Zürich? Sms reply came promptly

“the Best:

Sunday at Fischers’ Fritz at the lake! Saturday by Confiserie Schober for classic and Maison Blunt for special… or Kafischnaps for down-to-earth!”

Thank you Oliver! After doing my research I think you are totally right.


Blunts North African style reminds me of Cafe Gitane (one of my favorite Cafes in NYC) and Hotel Bazaar in Rotterdam.


Remember, always ask locals that shows a taste that you respect where you should go.


The food was good. We just talked too much to manage to finish it all.


ElmlidWe went to Maison Blunt

One Comment on ““We went to Maison Blunt”

  1. Anna

    miss Elmlid,
    I have bookmarked so many of your European recommendations in the hopes I can finally do that round-the-continent(ish) trip! But I live in NYC and went to Cafe Gitane for lunch today. Utterly amazing. I had the herbed goat cheese & pomegranate syrup and wonderful coffee. The perfect lunch with a friend. Do you have any other NYC recommendations? I would love to hear them.
    And if you do have that Danger Mouse Cake recipe, I would still love to see it!
    Thank you for a beautiful blog,

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