This comment from Rahel during my 2 weeks in München in August provoked me quite a bit. How could I, after 11 years in Germany, have missed the best Dessert in the world, ever?


Of course I had to go to the bottom with this. I went on a little researchtrip to learn how to do it right. Hertha at Villa Mellon in Kitzbühl shared with me.

Villa Mellons Kaiserschmarrn’ served with Lingonberries

•    4 tbl spoons Flour

•    Salt

•    Vanilla

•    1 teespoon bakingpowder

•    3 egg

Sugar to caramelize it all + Butterschmalz to make it nice, tasty and highly toxic.

This is how you do it…


After I finished my plate I had to go for a long hike. Kitzbühl is stunning in the summer. But actually, it is end september…



What is your best Kaiserschmarrn tip? And WHERE do I get the best Kaiserschmarrn’ in Berlin? Or wait a second, to eat this I need to climb a mountain afterwards. So I think I leave it for my next trip to Austria…



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