ART Deco and Bread Exchange at BOLD

Great Styling by Linda Ehrl at BOLD Press Days Yesterday.

Levi’s Made and Crafted showed their SS12 collection and Bread Exchange fed the people.  Everything except the cheese and the water was traded. I could make a Looong list of thank you’s but I stick to the heros of today:

A big Thank You to Kristina (Berlin) and Katrin (München) for trading the home made Jams! Gooseberry, Raspberry/Apricot and Plum – YUM!!!


Love my new tray that I bought in Fischbauau at an amazing Antique store.  French Bakery Gear at its best.

The Flower I picked up at an Austrian street market. Butter bowl from Merci in Paris.


Pretty Linda at Work.





ElmlidART Deco and Bread Exchange at BOLD

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