die kleine Schwarze

The invitation to Oktoberfest in München couldn’t have come a a better time. I had been touring the south and even bought my first dirndl. I had made my research on the subject and visited Allgäu, Salzburg and Fischbachau to get the knowledge from the locals. No München bling bling please. I bought my dress in Vienna but it was made in the 60′s in Allgäu. It had been made for a Parisian lady who’s parents owned a Hotel in Allgäu. In Salzburg I got the socks, classic summer dirndl socks. In Salzburg I also got the hand printed scarf to wear in my hair.

But the shoes? What do I do with the shoes??? I did not want to wear heals. And hikingboots was a bit over the top as well. So, after discussing with Amely at Rösler Haus, Christian from Nudie (great taste mister) and the ladies at Heimatwerk in Salzburg I decided to go for “The little back dress” among the city sneakers: Chucks.


Since I didn’t have a pair myself I requested them at Facebook. I wouldn’t have had the time to make them nice, used and dirty. It took about 8 minutes and I had a pair to borrow in my size. Thank you Daniela!

Elmliddie kleine Schwarze

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  1. daniela

    you are very welcome, malin! glad they fit you and you had a great time!

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