I never found men in their sportswear attractive (excluded sports such as Tennis, riding and fencing).

But who cares.

I will be walking around in my sportswear all day today.

As usual, it is due to that I was not able to get myself going to the gym early in the morning.  Those days I sometimes stay in my sportswear. I hate it* and it is like a punishment.  I do this to remind myself that I am a lousy person and I hope that I will get going to sport later that day. (by the way, I always shower before I go to the gym in the morning. No stinky rats here).

Today I will work from home and be totally normal in my straight hair.

Perfectly color matched, of course. You do what you can.


*I  also really dislike to walk around in sleeping wear too long. I never liked to eat breakfast in my sleeping wear (exception: breakfast in bed).

Comfort-wear just isn’t mine. As a kid, I even wore jeans and shirt when I was sick.



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