Detouring Westfalia

So far all good. Factory Hotel (from design hotels) gave me a good night sleep and free work out at Fitness first. All good. Decided to only eat fish for a week. Too much meat and cheese lately. The hotel offered different smoked fish types for breakfast. Perfect.

Now off to Sales meeting with The boys are fun. And I have some specials to offer them. Like the limited edition¬† denim (501 in total, 20 for Germany) that is a 2nd life denim that has been worked over. 650 euro in the store. If I wouldn’t have known about all the the work behind them I would say it’s nuts to pay such a price. But they are really cool and I am impressed with the work.

I am still with the opinion that we should wear more of those mens pants. This is a made in USA 501 from 1933. Not for everyday but I like them.


ElmlidDetouring Westfalia

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