Die Dorf

Does anyone have tips for Düsseldorf and the Ruhrpot area?

I am staying here until Thursday and then heading to Frankfurt.

I have heard of a D’dorf Japanese community resulting in amazing Japanese but also corean restaurants. Does anyone know anything about this? You guys are always the best to ask.

Pia, Cori, Tobias and Thi-Loan?

I am all ears.

ps. picture is from last fall. The spring has not arrived here ether.


ElmlidDie Dorf

3 Comments on “Die Dorf”

  1. Elmlid

    Thank you Fenke! I had lunch in Immermannstrasse yesterday. Great tip!
    I wish we had such a street in Berlin…
    Only managed to visit some stores at Carlsplatz short before they closed yesterday. I will go to there during the day tomorrow!

  2. michel lebugle

    as you are such a bread enthusiast, you have to check bäckerei hinkel. http://www.baeckerei-hinkel.de

    definitely best bread in town. my fave is “hinkel dinkel”, but maybe you should also try “Reines Roggenbrot”, it’s made without yeast. ;)

    another tip would be dimsum bistro. http://www.dimsumbistro.de/
    the restaurant is small & simple, but as the name says it, they are making good dim-sum, probably the best i ever had!

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