nachmittagsschlaf. bitte.

Some other favorites in Zürich were

Volkshause. You guys suggested it to me here already. Funny enough my friends from On Y Va (Zähringerplatz 15) took me there for lunch.  It is not so common to find such huge locations in Europe and they had a nice way of dividing the dining areas. Reminded me of the States. And I liked it.

Josef. I always end up at Josef. It is my friend Caro’s fav bar. This time I tried their food too. Nice Swordfish carpaccio. I forgot what sallad I had. Can not have been too special. By the way, Caro makes movies for Pumpkin films and feeds me with nice  clips sometimes. Like from Bacon, Copenhagen.



Zürich and its cold weather hit me a bit too hard and I have been sick.

It is just 2.30 and I am so so tired. The 4th coffee is not helping. After 5 hours meeting in the Soho house restaurant I wish one of the beds downstairs was mine.

So let us end with a bed picture. The Sea Otters. As a kid I had a sea otter cosy animal from WWF (very PC grandma making a statement). The otters are one of the few animals using tools (stones) when they eat (mussels). The float on their back when they eat. They also float on their back when they chill. And they hold hands so they are not going to loose their best friend.


Elmlidnachmittagsschlaf. bitte.

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