Moonraker Sourdough

This is what it looks like when my bread making get out of hands and I let the color mind spin freely.

But actually, it was one of my readers from Antwerp that brought me on this one. She suggested a bread with a Moonraker palette. And I knew I had it somewhere.

Some may promise you the moon, but we deliver. Here you go Andrea.


Curcuma, Apricot, Hazelnuts and just a hint of Honey. The base is a Sourdough with Flour, Water and Salt.

And, please, no yeast.



I dedicate this one to lovely Gonca. She liked it so much.

ElmlidMoonraker Sourdough

3 Comments on “Moonraker Sourdough”

  1. Andrea

    Nice, I like. Must taste delicious. Special mix. Go to sleep, try to get the taste on my tongue and stare to the moon. Thanks.

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