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Last year, when I was pregnant, my friend Marlene was writing a book about Style. She  asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for the pregnancy chapter. Sure, I said, I do have tips! I gave her the interview but I postponed the photography session again and again. I simply seldom felt comfortable being pregnant and when you don’t feel comfortable you definitely do not want to stand in front of the camera for a style book.

Then the day for my delivery came closer and it became the day before Lodes birth. I felt great. I felt so great that I was wishing for another week of pregnancy. So I called Marlene and said: “Ok, I’ll do it! Today or never.” So this is what I looked like 15 hours before I gave birth to Lode.

Today the book arrived in the mailbox and it is Beautiful! It is full of good tips and – as always – Marlene has a great and witty writing style that makes me smile. You can get the book at your local book store or here online. If you dont know Marlene yet, have a look at her blog  Spruced!


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