Working with The Bread Exchange


The book is written. The chapters has been shot. The whole story has even been translated into Swedish! Now the second round has come for the book project; to prepare for the release in the US and Sweden.


If you think it sounds interesting to prepare Book release events, make  presentations of the people who have made this project possible, support me the back office, arrange dinners. Location is Berlin. However, help is also needed in Stockholm and NYC.

Obviously you should like food. And have a interest in style. But most of all you should have an interest in learning new things.

It would help (but it is not necessary) if you know how to work with Photoshop, Excel and InDesign. But it is absolutely necessary that you love to take action, enjoy to organize and that you have a positive attitude!

There will be styling and location scouting. There will be make-up, hair and flowers to arrange. I need someone that think this could be fun to take part in. Someone that don’t mind to clean up the dough bowl once in a while and that is curious and awake enough to see when that is needed. And someone that is just a nice person and that likes to make people feel comfortable.

This is not a full time internship but it would be starting ASAP with 1-2 days/week as well as involve some heavy work over 1-3 days prior to an event (first event in May).

It is Marketing. And it is Sales.

In case you think this could be something for you, please contact me with references!

xx malin


Lara Maria Gräfen who now runs the blog Envie (I could not have done the Berlin shoot as well without her help!) and Jakob Padberg (one of the great recipe makers of the book).

Picture by Mirjam Wählen.


ElmlidWorking with The Bread Exchange

4 Comments on “Working with The Bread Exchange”

  1. Gozde

    wish to be in NYC or Stockholm to help you:)
    everything seems wonderful
    good luck
    I’m excited for your book, keep us posted!

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