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In the latest edition of Cherry Bombe there was a story about THE BREAD EXCHANGE which I liked very much. Here you can see the article Cherry BOmbe-TheBreadExchange. Images by Alanna Hale and Text by Stefanie de la Cava.

I told you about this magazine before.But it is really one of my favorites (together with the Swedish magazine HUNGER which I read through immediately) so I will tell you again.  I find it has a perfect wheight between girl-entreperneur-foodie-style.

In Berlin you can get the magazine at  Do You Read Me?! as well as Goldhahn und Sampson.


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5 Comments on “Cherry Bombe”

  1. Elmlid

    Thank You Nicole, I love it too.

    The Dress is from Levi’s Made and Crafted, (the independent creative entity I used to work for is called Levi’s XX and they make LMC and Levi’s Vintage clothing).

  2. Sylee

    I agree, this photo is lovely! Malin, can I ask if you have a recommendation for a good massage in Berlin?

  3. Elmlid

    Thank You Sylee,
    What kind of massages do you like? Personally I love the Thai massage place in pappelallee. Actually I find it better than the Lotus massage an Zionskirchplatz.

    But if you prefer Swedish massage I would take the deep tissue massage at Cowshed in Soho house. It is for sure deep!

    If you come across something great on your search, feel free to share! I am always up for a good massage tip!

  4. Sylee

    Oh, that’s great to know! I lived on Pappelallee for years but never thought to try that Thai massage place. Will go there on Thursday – I’m looking forward to it already. I will definitely let you know if I make any other good discoveries!

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