Back in Berlin and hungry for bread

After 4 weeks of chilling in my fridge the sourdough will have to prove itself again. There are alot of strategies around how to treat a sourdough when you go on vacation: Bring it with you (which I normally do)? Dry it and save it somewhere? Freeze it? Or, if you live in Sthlm, let it check in to a sourdough hotel?

A sourdough hotel is a place where your sourdough is taken care of properly (fed and so on). Imagine a dog pension, but for your sourdough. I don’t know what is up with the sourdoughs in stockholm. They seem to have their mummies and daddies in a tight leach. In Stockholm some people seem to think that their sourdough will pass away out of lonelyness if they are away more than a couple of weeks. That’s why they came up with sourdough hotels to not get on their neighbors nerves.

Living with a sourdough has a lot of similarities to living with children. But just like I like to say about kids; too much attention isn’t necessarily good for them.


So, here is my proof: I left the sourdough lonely and cold for 4 weeks. After 15 hours it was heavily excited and ready for action.

The sourdough just taken out of the fridge:


The tired sourdough in a close-up:


After just 10 hours outside it was ready:



BTW, I have charcoal bread ready for you today. Let me know if you want one. In Berlin that is.


ElmlidBack in Berlin and hungry for bread

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