the traffic

Everyday is really full scheme. Traffic takes forever. It weird to sit in a car and everytime that we get are stuck in traffic to think about the fact that these are the moments that if a bomb will go off, this is where it would happen.

I fall dead tired to bed every night. I asked some expats if this feeling of constant “being on guard” ever leaves. They said no. But they do not notice it until you go back to their home country and are able to sleep well.

I truly understood the fear of itchy trigger finger when our car got pulled over by a check point (which shows up every other 100 meter atleast) and the police screamed YOU! to me and grabbed for my passport. Looking into eyes with the smallest pupils of a man so high on opium carrying a ak47 and who not at all notice the rain that is pouring over him was one of the least comfortable moments here.


I also met many friendly and nice Afghan police men. Like this man who’s shoes I photographed next to the old royal palace.

Elmlidthe traffic

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