Thank You. Friends of Truth.

Today a surprise arrived on my door step, send to me by the Friends of truth.

It was a reminder of that the summer is soon to come. Wahrheit.

Tomorrow is the first of May. When I lived in Sweden I always took my first ocean swim on this date. It was never a pleasant experience. And no, we never went to sauna before we went swimming. We biked home with wet hair in like 13 degrees C.

This May 1st I will enjoy my first glass of Pinot Noir Rose wine; “Liebe eisgekühlt”.

I am glad some things change in life as you grow older.


Thank You Katharina! I wish I could send bread to Venice beach!

ElmlidThank You. Friends of Truth.

One Comment on ““Thank You. Friends of Truth.”

  1. Marta @ WSIEFBT

    Lovely surprise. I sometimes have problem with swimming in ocean during a summer days. On 1st of May it wouldn’t be possible, hahaha.

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