Looking for help in the US/UK


I am testing a lot of recipes at the moment. My problem is that I am not really getting along with writing recipes in Cups, lbs, oz. On top of it should the veggies be cut in inches and the cakes should be baked in Fahrenheit ovens.

I am getting crazy.

Do you feel like cooking a recipe for me this week and tell me if it is lacking anything?

If so, please send me an email to contact@thebreadexchange.com

The recipes I need help with are not Bread recipes so please tell me something about yourself, like what kind of food you like. Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you cook a lot or do you prefer that the work effort in the kitchen is limited (I do)? Do you like to shake drinks for friends? Are you a Breakfast person? Just let me know and I will search for a recipe for you.

In fact, I could not do this without help so please, send me a mail!


If you are not in the US, and still feel like cooking with me – please let me know. I still have some recipes that need to be tested!


The picture was made last fall when during pizza making at Scribe Winery in Sonoma.

ElmlidLooking for help in the US/UK

5 Comments on “Looking for help in the US/UK”

  1. Mila


    I’d love to help if you need a home cook. I’m usually in Berlin but will be in the US for the second half of march. I don’t mind trying stuff out with cups/lbs/oz either way.

    My limitations: 1) lacto-ovo-vegetarian, 2) while in Berlin, very crappy oven (nonetheless a working gas oven), 3) travel this thursday so if you’re in a hurry it would have to be asap.

    Prefer salty over sweet, but can do sweet too. Love fresh veg & fruit. Making soups and smoothies to no end in the winter time. Let me know if you need my help.


  2. Suzanne Jones


    My husband and I both love to cook. We like just about everything except for pork and beef, unless it is organic. We eat goat, lamb, bison/buffalo, etc. He has a sweet tooth, but I am the baker. We’d love to test out recipes to help if you still have some that you need to test.


  3. Sara

    I am Italian and would love to cook with you.
    I am a salty breakfast person. Nosweet teeth for me. I am happy with any proposal from your side.
    The only thing is that I could test the recipes from this week end and on because up to friday I’ll be in Spain for work.
    Hope it will not be too late.

    I would love to cook “for you”
    Ciao ciao

  4. Elmlid

    Hey guys, I am blown away by the mails and comments you send me. I had never expected this. Thank You! Mila, Suzanne, Sara and Katharina, If you have not send me a mail yet, please do! Then I can write the recipes to you directly. Best mail would be contact@thebreadexchange.com

    Once again, Thank You!

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