Buzkashi Boys

If you are in Berlin tonight:

The last screening of the beautiful Afghan movie, made by Sam French, Buzkashi Boys, is playing together with the 4 other oscar nominees at Babylon in mitte at 8pm.


Sam French has not only made an incredible movie, his mission is larger than that. Since he arrived in Kabul in 2008 he has been working on re-building the once existing Afghan art of making movies.

Through learning by doing French teaches the students how to tell their own stories. 12 interns took part in the sets and helped and learned from the international crew.Workshops before and during the movie making took place and every intern “shadowed” one of the crew members during the set. One of the main characters from the movie was casted on the street and is now studying.

I you are in Berlin, please try to see it tonight. Also see this interview from german Arte where Sam French speaks about the importance to tell a different story about Afghanistan than the war reporting is able to.

I could not agree with him more.

Mobile kino is hosting!


The vimeo link is having issues today. Go to the movie site to see the trailer. It is stunning pictures and the colors are captured perfectly.

ElmlidBuzkashi Boys

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