the Heaviest Bassline in the world. ever.

This is the Story of the Heaviest Bassline. Ever.

by Sander Kleinenberg (or I thought it was Earl Zinger but apparently I was wrong), picture by Uli Bentele

Escaped out of the box, they say they wrote the heaviest bassline in the world. Ever. Created in some studio on the east side, once they seen what they had done  they tried to lock it in that box deep down in the studio. But that baseline was too strong! Its vibrations were too heavy and after a while the nuts and the bolts worked themselves loose. The box opened, and the studio fell down. It is said that the doorman tried to stop it on the way out, and it crushed him. Dead. Like in the cartoons when a piano crushed them. Dead. The rogue ran the east side. Everything.. crushed.. smashed. And everything in it’s path, they’d say “There! The heaviest baseline ever!”. That was about a year ago. Then it disappeared, but it’s out there some place ready to bounce! Some say it couldn’t play again; it was thrown away in some rappers cassette. If you hear it, treat it with care. Never let it shadow over you. If a DJ tries to play it, don’t hang there with that baseline over you. Never let that shadow over you! It’s crushed once, it’ll crush again! There, that’s story of the heaviest baseline ever known. Ever.


I am looking for a good trailer tune. It needs to be explosive. Any suggestion?

Elmlidthe Heaviest Bassline in the world. ever.

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  1. Elmlid

    True :) That’s where I heard it the first time too.. But after some google research I figured out he did not write the lyrics.

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