Strike of the starters

I am travelling since a week now. Already left Germany and last night I arrived in Baden, just outside of Zürich. The days to come I will spend in Zürich and Lenzerheide. Maybe with a stop in Engelberg.

I know I promised you Bread Exchange around the country. So far I have not given you one single loaf since I left Berlin.

Answer: It is shit cold. Everywhere. Europe is freezing and I am driving through the mountains in Switzerland. Sometimes I take of my gloves and feed Mr Sourdough with water and flour.

The other night I had forgotten him in the car and had to leave my warm fluffy Swiss hotel bed to get in to the Betong built parking garage as I was worried that he would freeze to death. These are the moments that I ask myself: “What the f am I doing?”.

But life is not always Champagne. This was last August.

So, sorry guys, no Bread Exchange right now. Maybe, hopefully, in München the upcoming weeks. I will be practically living at Cortiina Hotel and I can’t blame them to offer the Bread Exchange team an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Picture from the other night in Wiesbaden. Got out of the hotel to try the Kurhaus restaurant. And had a stop and the hot springs in the middle of the city.


ElmlidStrike of the starters

7 Comments on “Strike of the starters”

  1. Federica

    You bought the Nigel jacket in green AND red? (I keep track…) On a serious note, how is it? Is it too warm? I live in England and need something warm for when it’s cold here, like now, but it usually is not so cold…

  2. Elmlid

    Well, the green was too big (48). I swapped it with the red (44). A serious thing, indeed, I agree.
    I can highly recommend it. It is very warm and at the same time the lightest jacked I have. Like a feather. And it is very practical.
    It is a cotton surface (which I just love!) but one could think that has disadvantages. However, A friend of mine drove his motorcycle wearing it and the wind didn’t touch him at all!
    Saying that “It is worth the price” would be a comment suited a french queen but I can really say that I am happy to be have it :)

  3. Federica

    I think I could have used something like that this Saturday in London (it was -7C). Red looks great on you. It’s also a nice kind of red leaning orange which I like even more. Do you think they have even smaller sizes than 44? (I am tiny… usually wear 42 or small size) Stay warm!

  4. Federica

    Well, now that I have looked up the price, I understand why you mentioned the queen… ;-) Holy cow! I did not realize they’d be so expensive, and probably don’t go on sale either since they are a cult piece now.

  5. Elmlid

    :) Yes. They do 42′s as well though. Next season they have nice washed out colors like yellow, olive and a light orange. And Navy, One can always do a navy.. But I agree, the orange is amazing and slowly become a classic.

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