What Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

What do you do to not get a bad mood when your first thought when you wake up is the image of your hard-core-over-full schedule? And you wish you had the guts to drop the iphone that has been vibrating the whole night and now shows 232 new messages into the waterglas next to your bed ( if it wouldn’t have been for that you are months behind on synchronizing the thing.)

My trick is to make sure I get a damn good Breakfast. ASAP. And it always works. As you can tell, I am a very very simple creature.


Right now my favorite Yogi/Porridge/Salad/whatever topping is the Upper Class House Wife Müsli from Lotta Lundgren that she traded with me for a loaf of Beer/Apricot Bread in Sthlm in October. I like to add on some dried mulberries. I find that mulberries suit the concept.


From now on will my tamagotchi be set in flight mood between 00 and 08.

ElmlidWhat Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

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