Swedish Woods in the Bread

First day of the Fashionweek I will bring you a bread of the most simple kind.

It is baked with Canadian flour, Berlin water and Himalaya Salt.

Fun is rather in the crust where a purple sparkle of Blueberries from the Swedish woods is playing. It is not sweet, nor sour.

I would not say it is a strong taste of blueberries. It just tastes like my classic simple white sourdough with a hint of the woods.

Yes, it is all organic (as far as you can consider my dried wild blueberries organic).


Send me a message if you like to trade with me on wednesday. You can pick up the bread ether at the LVC showroom in Mitte before lunch. Or, I know how silly it sounds, you could pick it up at the Bread and Butter fair (Tempelhof) later in the afternoon.


Pictures by Adeline Thomas. Småland July 2011.

ElmlidSwedish Woods in the Bread

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