Bread for the Fashion weeks

The busiest period of the year is coming up. Sales Season. It is like a band tour between all the Fashionweeks. Totally exhausting but I love the pace at the same time.

These are the classic tour dates for Germany Austria and Switzerland:

  • Berlin 17-20 Jan
  • Paris 21-24 Jan
  • Ddorf 2-4/7 Feb
  • Zürich??
  • München 13-23 Feb
  • Paris 2-5 March

As you might already predict, this is also the tour dates for Bread Exchange. So, in case you are around, feel free to contact me already now and we can come up with a good time to trade!

I trade my Sourdough bread for anything you think I might need or anything that you think can inspire!


I say Thank You to Antje Wewer for the article in Süddeutsche Zeitung this weekend. And to Klara Leo for the picture.

ElmlidBread for the Fashion weeks

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