I love going to sthlm. It is not my home town, but it feels like it is.

When I was younger I prefered Copenhagen.  I thought the Danish capital was way more relaxed, more stylish, less arrogant, more forward thinking and beautiful.

Me and my girlfriends were convinced that Stockholm was behaving as the local hero in a small town. Instead we went south on the weekends in the city where you were actually allowed to drink wine in the parks. Where not everyone looked the same.

I do not know who has had a more radical change, Me or Sthlm but I would like to think it is Stockholm. Or who of us has learned to open the eyes a bit more ( I hope that is me).

Today the city feels so much more open. 15 years ago Copenhagen was beating stockholm big time on the culinary scene but today I try to convince any foodie I meet to go to Stockholm. I have learned to love its 50′s architecture and even though it hurts to think of  the parts destroyed after the war. And the water, You just has to love the water. So present. And you can swim (and jump from trees into the water!) in the middle of the city. There are stupid restrictions on  alcohol consumtion within the city walls but I guess that nowadays I would rather leave the center if I am going on a picnic anyways. There are enough islands around to hide on.

Today I find Stockholm being great for so many things. Food, Shopping, Interior inspiration, excursions to the islands.

And I am going there tomorrow. Mainly to try the most excellent sourdough bread I know.


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  1. Johanna

    Hej Malin,
    nästa gång du är i stan och har tid, får du gärna skicka ett mess eller ringa, så vi kan ta en fika,

    kram J

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