The night was a minor food parade and we travelled from chef to chef to try something new. I ended up favoring Champagne and Fishes at the north German kitchen area. I think it is time to go to Lübeck, Bremen or Hamburg soon. It has been way too long ago.

Regarding the ball,  Let’s put it this way; One can discuss how much “ball” this event actually is. I do not really understand the meaning of getting ready for Walzer and then practically not really having the chance to dance.

When the late night act, Nena, started to sing, me and my cavalier thought it was time to leave.


But I love to get ready for a formal event.

My hair dresser cancelled 20 hours before the Ball and I am sooo thankful for Teena Denzinger who stood up and helped me out. Make-up is what she is known for but last night her magic fingers saved my hair too.

Teena asked me what I wanted to look like. Oh, I am not asking for much much I said, I just want to look exactly like Grace Kelley. Preferably short before she was getting married. Great, Personally I would have rolled my eyes and turned at the door with such a wish.


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  1. KMeg

    You look fantastic and your hairdresser/make-up artist did a great job! I don’t think asking for Grace Kelley is going to far ;)

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