Breakfast Heaven in Paris

Sunday morning wearing my Frees. The rest of my team are still sleeping. I walk fast to Bastille, the spot where, I guess one could say, the French revolution started in 1789 (on the weddingday of my Parents), and where I just have to be every sunday morning when I visit Paris.

The reason is the Farmers market.

This was last years praise.

And another one…

Here I get my sunday breakfast that I enjoy on a bench drinking a way too strong black coffee, served in a plastic cup that I would not use for anything else than water.

It is October and This means Pomme Granate time. I have been writing about this obsession before: “Pomme Granate is in the house” October 15th 2010. I call it obsession since I once (seriously) went 3 days to Turkey ONLY cause I was craving this fruit.

Now, I had almost forgotten how good sweet they tastes with a good natural yoghurt and Granola. Heaven.

I had my yoghurt with a raisin bread and the type of radish that I only buy in paris. They are soo good and less spicy then the ones I know. I had it with a 24 month old Comte and the salty butter that I snatched at my hotel before I left in the morning.


What are your secret food shopping spots in Paris? What about tuesdays? Would not mind a market breakfast tomorrow… Oh, wait, I know one! The oldest market in whole Paris. 39, rue de Bretagne in Marais. Opened every day from 9.00 but closed on mondays.




ElmlidBreakfast Heaven in Paris

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  1. SuJin

    Hallo Malin, warst Du schon in “La Cafetheque” 52, rue de l’Hotel de Ville? Der Cappuccino ist auch Saskia approved. Um die Ecke kann man Lebensmitteln, die von Nonnen hergestellt wurden, kaufen. Und bei Voy Alimento, bekommt man Superfoods. Dort kann man auch essen. Das Menue lohnt sich! 23, rue Vinaigriers

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