11 jahre Berlin

On October 3rd in year 2000 I arrived with my 2 suitcases with the night train from Malmö to Lichtenberg.

Since then I have kept at least one of these 2 suitcases in a basement somewhere in the city.

I Never felt so at home anywhere else. I never lived so long at one place. Never been so true to anyone or anything else. Ever.

Hut ab, Berlin.


I wish I could celebrate this date in my home tonight. But, like every October 3rd the last 4 years, I will raise my Glas for my city from a bar in Marais.

And maybe think, for a second, on the fact that it is also 21 years ago since the of Unification of Germany. Just to put things in perspective.


Picture by Alexander Pache.


Elmlid11 jahre Berlin

One Comment on ““11 jahre Berlin”

  1. no penny for them

    that’s a lovely liebeserklärung to berlin!

    p.s.: the bread tasted amazing, thank you so much! the cheese bread is so addictive, and the black coal one a real drama queen.

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