The last 4 Berlin Baking Days

The baking madness continues for a few more day. From Sunday I will take a break and not bake for Berlin until the end of the August.

Upcoming trading places are:

  • Düsseldorf (25-28 juli)
  • Timmernabben (29 juli-Aug 2nd)
  • Allgäu (5-8 August)
  • München (10-19 August)

But, if you are in Berlin, and like some bread, let me know and I will count you in.

Today I have 2 options:

The first one is my personal favorite;
Goji berry and Rosemary sourdough. It is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Baked with flour from Sachsen and salt from south of France. Everything except for water and my balcony rosemary are traded ingredients. Bio Dynamisch und so.

The second one is a one off special for all you Dinkel Lovers out there:
A simple White dinkel sourdough ready to be picked up anytime.

Just send me a message or email me at


The picture is from last night after my Dinkel test bake.

And Thank You Astrid for letting me try your first batch of dark Forest Strawberry/Vanilla jam. I would trade for another Jar ANYTIME.

Night Craving

ElmlidThe last 4 Berlin Baking Days

2 Comments on “The last 4 Berlin Baking Days”

  1. Gozde

    Wish to be able to trade with you one day.
    Very curious about goji berry rosemary sourdough.
    Last week I baked 4 bread with sourdough recipe from Tartine Bread book. but baking part was kinda messy.
    And also am very curious for dark forest vanilla strawberry jam. Yesterday I just made white cherry jam with vanilla and coriander.

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