March cats. or Paris in March.

Paris is so beautiful in March. It is dusty.  And when the sun is shining through you get a shimmering glow over everything.

It is not the buildings, or the people, or the food that strikes me. It is this dusty shimmer that makes everything so beautiful. Like if you used a softening filter on your camera. Or in Photoshop.

Or think using ID Mineral Veil for your skin. Same effect. Just imagine that the filter covers everything.

Then you have Paris in March.


Ok guys, maybe it is always like this in Paris. But I have only been to the city during January, March, June and October/September so I would not know. But for me, march is special.

Mix of March pics from the last 3 years…


Hugrun from KronKron Reykjavik, Susanne from 290 sqm Amsterdam



Sandra from 5th Ave in Sthlm, Saskia Paris, and Me


ElmlidMarch cats. or Paris in March.

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