Saskia Diez

About 3 years I found my favorite jewelery designer: Saskia Diez.

She makes such elegant and simple rings and I can not stop buying them. One collection is better then the other. I am hooked. It all started with this one (one in gold and one in silver). And then this one. And, after this trip, this one, now in rose.

Since she lives in München we met up for lunch today. It was really nice to see that she is just as down to earth and sweet as I find her work.

She took me to a Japanese restaurant with a good lunch selection. I had Sashimi and Salad and can highly recommend the place. Haguruma in the Baaderstrasse.


By the way, also had a very good Shabu Shabu in the Japanese J-bar in Maistrasse the other night. I wish I had such a place around the corner from where I live.


ElmlidSaskia Diez

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