Småland (where my parents live) is for me the number 1 Christmas place in Sweden. It is an old fashioned area on the south east side of Sweden that tend to be a bit conservative. Just like Christmas should be. It is real countryside with bad autobahn connections to the rest of the world. This is where the Germans like to invest in summer houses. It is lonely and a bit wild.

To give you a picture: Småland is where Astrid Lindgren came from and most of her stories are taken place.

And this is where we celebrate Christmas.

Close to our house is the summerhouse of my moms good friend. Tradition is that my dad and I does the Santa game for her french grand children.


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  1. maria

    Oh this is where I always wanted to live when I was little and my grandmother was reading all the Astrid Lindgren books to me…

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