Trade: Quinces

I never had Quince jelly before this October. Ever.

I have never heard of Quinces other then in Bionade. I never ever heard that Quices exist in Sweden. But now I know them. Very well.

Ones upon a time Quinces were very trendy. But the last (at least) 80 years they have been pretty out. So the Quinces normally grow in the yard of old houses. That makes me like them even more.

And I adore their color. Like pink Champagne.

When you love something, then you should go all the way.

Xaver got me hooked on Quince Jelly through Bread Exchange. He traded a jar for a bread of Rosemary Sourdough. I brought the jelly to Paris Fashionweek and we had it every morning. And some evenings too. Since then I have been bugging him for more. Luckily he delivered me the stuff last week. 2 kg of fresh Quices.

And I made Grapefruit Champagne Quince Jelly.


If you get a hold of Quinces:

1) Let me know where you got them. I need more and Xaver is out.

2) Cook with 50% Sugar. Or add what you like. I have tried Lime, Grapefruit, Champagne and Riesling and all was great. But remember, 50% should still be sugar.WP_Oct_Quince1

ElmlidTrade: Quinces

6 Comments on “Trade: Quinces”

  1. Gozde

    I love quinces. My recipes for them: jelly-jam but in a classical way, various pickles (amazing with meats) and also several desserts. Grapefruit champagne quince jelly sounds yummy. But how you use grapefruit in this recipe?:)

  2. Elmlid

    Pickles sounds good Gozde. Any recipe to share? I found a recipe for poached Quinces that I would have loved to try but I was never able to get a hold of any more fruit. Next September I will be better prepared.

    Since I wanted the jelly clear I just added the juice of the Grapefruit and the champagne to the cooked and filtered Quinces to reach 1000 gr. The last one I made I added 500gr sugar. Was perfect and not too sweet.

  3. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    Quinces are pretty big here in Australia and when they are in season there are lots of recipes everywhere on what to do with them. They do make wonderful jams and spreads which is especially delicious with cheeses! Love the photos Malin :-)

  4. Elmlid

    Thank you Maria :) My fridge can not really compete with yours though…
    I would love some more recipes, and Australian ones are sometimes very interesting.

  5. Bardia

    I grew up on quiches! My mother used to make this really fantastic quince and beef stew (it’s a traditional Persian dish). Quince jam and butter on toast was also my favorite snake. You totally reminded me of those days …

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